Smiles Across America Parts 1 and 2

The organization has gotten our message out to hundreds if not thousands of people.  While traveling on Amtrak, many people were informed about Lymph nodes, Lymphoma and the different presentations of these cancers.  Many asked, and were allowed to feel my tumors.  Many contributed a “Smile” to organization.  We have a beautiful Country.  The travel encompassed 15 States and Ontario, Canada. I was able to meet fellow Lymphoma Warriors.  Through the persistent work of our Director Melissa Seymore, I appeared on Portland, Oregon’s FOX KPTV.  I traveled over 12,000 miles, Giving little lectures, handing out postcard about our organization and o course “Collecting” SMILES!  On World Lymphoma Day, I wore this dress and all the accessories.  Needless to say I had numerous inquiries and WOW then I had an audience.  Many people learned something about Lymphoma that day.  I also set the tone for people to reach out and learn more.  Yearly Physical exams are a MUST!