Trying to Survive

On March 4th I was preparing for the Lymphoma Awareness subject for the month of  March.  I had spent time with many person trying to raise awareness and participation in Be The Match. Be The Match is a registry for persons to become donors for persons willing to donate Stem Cells to persons needing Stem Cell Transplants.  I began on my birthday and was assisted by many friends and family around the world to increase donors.

I went to the hospital to began the “mobilization” process (receive chemo therapy and began injections to boost your stem cells so that I could be my own donor.  In hours my life took a turn or the worst.  I had concern about growth of a particular group of nodes.  When I brought these concerns to my oncologist from December to February, I was falsely assured that the Clinical Drug Trial I was participating was working.  On March 4 I was told by the Bone Marrow Transplant doctor that my cancer was growing out of control.

My one day visit to prepare for my transplant became a 2 1/2 week stay.  I became very ill and unstable.  I have no memory of many events.  I received chemotherapy for 24 hours a day, steroids and antibiotics around the clock.  I did not realize how ill I was.

Surprisingly I was able to donate my own cells, however I will not know until after a PET scan if I will be in remission enough to receive the transplant.

Even after my diagnosis and participation in treatment, I can not over stress how important it is to be you own best advocate.  I still have a long road ahead if I am able to receive the transplant.  Even in the hospital I can to keep on to of my medical and medications.  The healthcare industry is a very SCARY place.

Please learn as much about your body as possible.  And if diagnosed with Lymphoma, saturate yourself with knowledge, options, and the best medical professions  and facilities.  I am Praying for a positive outcome.Image