Trying to Survive

On March 4th I was preparing for the Lymphoma Awareness subject for the month of  March.  I had spent time with many person trying to raise awareness and participation in Be The Match. Be The Match is a registry for persons to become donors for persons willing to donate Stem Cells to persons needing Stem Cell Transplants.  I began on my birthday and was assisted by many friends and family around the world to increase donors.

I went to the hospital to began the “mobilization” process (receive chemo therapy and began injections to boost your stem cells so that I could be my own donor.  In hours my life took a turn or the worst.  I had concern about growth of a particular group of nodes.  When I brought these concerns to my oncologist from December to February, I was falsely assured that the Clinical Drug Trial I was participating was working.  On March 4 I was told by the Bone Marrow Transplant doctor that my cancer was growing out of control.

My one day visit to prepare for my transplant became a 2 1/2 week stay.  I became very ill and unstable.  I have no memory of many events.  I received chemotherapy for 24 hours a day, steroids and antibiotics around the clock.  I did not realize how ill I was.

Surprisingly I was able to donate my own cells, however I will not know until after a PET scan if I will be in remission enough to receive the transplant.

Even after my diagnosis and participation in treatment, I can not over stress how important it is to be you own best advocate.  I still have a long road ahead if I am able to receive the transplant.  Even in the hospital I can to keep on to of my medical and medications.  The healthcare industry is a very SCARY place.

Please learn as much about your body as possible.  And if diagnosed with Lymphoma, saturate yourself with knowledge, options, and the best medical professions  and facilities.  I am Praying for a positive outcome.Image


January: Lymphoma/Cervical Cancer Awareness Month Ribbon Teal and White

What is Cancer of the Cervix?

The cervix is the lower part of the uterus (womb).  The uterus has 2 parts.  The upper part, called the body of the uterus, is where a baby grows.  The cervix, in the lower part, connects the body of the uterus to the vagina, or birth canal.  Cancer of the cervix (also call cervical cancer) begins in the cells lining the cervix.  these cells do no suddenly change into cancer.  Instead,  the normal cells of the cervix first slowly change into pre-cancer cells that can then turn into cancer.  These changes may be called dysplasia.  (American Cancer Society)

Because many women are screened routinely, the most common finding is an abnormal Papanicolaou (Pap) test result.  Typically, these patients are asymptomatic.

Clinically, the first symptom of cervical cancer is abnormal vaginal bleeding, usually postcoital.  Vaginal discomfort,  malodorous discharge, and dysuria are not uncommon.

The tumor grows by extending along the epithelial surfaces, both squamous and glandular, upward to the endometrial cavity, throughout the vaginal epithelium and laterly to the pelvic wall.  It can invade the bladder and rectum directly, leading to constipation, hematuria, fistula, and ureteral obstruction, with or hydorureter or hydronephrosis.   The triad of leg edema, pain, and  hydronephoresis suggest pelvic wall involvement.  The common sites for distant metastasis include extra pelvic lymph nodes, liver, lung and bone. (Medscape . author: Cecelia H Boardman, MD; chief Editor: Warner K Huh, Md and more)

From 2005-2009, the median age at diagnosis for cancer of the cervix uteri was 48 years of age.  Approximately 0.2% were diagnosed under the age 20; 14.0% between 20 and 34; 25.95 between 35 and 44; 23.9% between 45 years and 54; 16.7 between 55 and 64; 10.7 between 65 and 74; 6.1% between 75 and 84; and 2.6% 85+ years of age. (SEER incidence and Mortality)

Ladies, Please get you Pap test.  Men ensure that you Lady does!!!Morning Glory smile 002