Save a Life: Be The Match!


No one likes to show the aftermath of Chemo

Guardian Knights PartyThere are Cancer patients and some others who can benefit from a Stem Cell Transplant.  The are two types of transplant, an Auto and an Allo. The Autologous transplant uses the patient’s own cells.  The Allogeneic transplant uses a donor’s cell.  Donors can be between 18-44 years of age in good health.  The process is not as many believe to be a very painful horrific process.  There is a great need for donors for people of color.  I personally am in need of a Donor’s cells because I have Peripheral T-Cell Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Not Otherwise Specified.  My cancer is not responding optimally to chemotherapy  It is my only chance for a CURE!  Won’t you please consider saving a LIFE?   It is the greatest “Gift” of all.  Go to your local hospital to inquire about Stem cell donation or go to  PLEASE!


Peanut and Pumpkin’s Smile for Dora’s Lymphoma Smile Project!

Peanut and Pumpkin's Smile for Dora's Lymphoma Smile Project!

December is SMILE Awareness Month! Share a Smile, Share some knowledge about LYMPHOMA! Knowledge is Power!!!