Save a Life: Be The Match!


No one likes to show the aftermath of Chemo

Guardian Knights PartyThere are Cancer patients and some others who can benefit from a Stem Cell Transplant.  The are two types of transplant, an Auto and an Allo. The Autologous transplant uses the patient’s own cells.  The Allogeneic transplant uses a donor’s cell.  Donors can be between 18-44 years of age in good health.  The process is not as many believe to be a very painful horrific process.  There is a great need for donors for people of color.  I personally am in need of a Donor’s cells because I have Peripheral T-Cell Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Not Otherwise Specified.  My cancer is not responding optimally to chemotherapy  It is my only chance for a CURE!  Won’t you please consider saving a LIFE?   It is the greatest “Gift” of all.  Go to your local hospital to inquire about Stem cell donation or go to  PLEASE!